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# Multi-Resolution DNA simulations
A Python3 package that makes it easy to run simulations of DNA nanostructures.
The multi-resolution approach provides the benefits of coarse-grained modeling,
while resulting in a high-resolution structure suitable for atomistic simulations.
Alternatively, the package can be used to initialize simulations using the oxDNA model.
## Dependencies
* Linux operating system
* g++ >= 4.8
* [CUDA toolkit]( >= 6
* [ARBD]( simulation engine
* Python >= 3.5 *(some users report problems installing mdanalysis; miniconda or conda are recommended)*
* numpy >= 1.14
* scipy >= 1.1
* mdanalysis >= 0.18
* cadnano >=
* appdirs >= 1.4
* [oxDNA]( (optional)
## Installation
First make sure you have the cuda-toolkit installed.
First download ARBD through a web browser.
The following (untested) script can then be modified and used to install mrdna.
Please report issues to [Chris Maffeo](
# Customize the following
export CUDA_PATH=/path/to/cuda-toolkit
# Unpack and build arbd
mv ~/Downloads/arbd*.tar.gz .
tar -xzf arbd*.tar.gz
cd arbd/src
make -j
cd ../../
# Setup python dependencies (you may want to set up a virtual environement)
conda install numpy>=1.14 scipy>=1.1 appdirs >= 1.4
conda install -c conda-forge mdanalysis>=0.18
pip install cadnano >=
git clone
cd mrdna
python install
cd ..
# Finally update your bashrc so that your shell can find the ARBD binary
echo "PATH=$BUILD_DIR/arbd/src:\$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc
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