Commit 5e2b9f05 authored by cmaffeo2's avatar cmaffeo2
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Minor bug fix: Segment.rotate() provides numpy array of quaternions instead of list

parent 5d2010c5
...@@ -327,7 +327,7 @@ def SegmentModelFromPdb(*args,**kwargs): ...@@ -327,7 +327,7 @@ def SegmentModelFromPdb(*args,**kwargs):
stacks, stacks,
three_prime, three_prime,
seq, seq,
orientations np.array(orientations)
) )
if __name__ == "__main__": if __name__ == "__main__":
...@@ -573,7 +573,7 @@ class Segment(ConnectableElement, Group): ...@@ -573,7 +573,7 @@ class Segment(ConnectableElement, Group):
orientations = np.array([self.contour_to_orientation(v) for v in u]) orientations = np.array([self.contour_to_orientation(v) for v in u])
for i in ids: for i in ids:
orientations[i,:] =[i]) orientations[i,:] =[i])
quats = [quaternion_from_matrix(o) for o in orientations] quats = np.array([quaternion_from_matrix(o) for o in orientations])
self.set_orientation_splines(u, quats) self.set_orientation_splines(u, quats)
def _set_splines_from_ends(self, resolution=4): def _set_splines_from_ends(self, resolution=4):
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