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Option and commands to convert crossovers into intrahelical

parent e4583787
......@@ -56,6 +56,9 @@ parser.add_argument('--oxdna-output-period', type=float, default=1e4,
parser.add_argument('--coarse-bond-cutoff', type=float, default = 0,
help='Ignore bonds beyond this cutoff during first step of simulation; a value of 0 implies bonds are not ignored')
parser.add_argument('--crossover-to-intrahelical-cutoff', type=float, default=-1,
help='Set the distance (in Angstroms) beyond which crossovers between helix ends are converted to intrahelical connections; a negative value means no crossovers will be converted')
parser.add_argument('--backbone-scale', type=float, default=1.0,
help='Factor to scale DNA backbone in atomic model; try 0.25 to avoid clashes for atomistic simulations')
......@@ -119,6 +122,15 @@ def main():
model.dimensions = args.dimensions
if args.crossover_to_intrahelical_cutoff >= 0:
if args.sequence_file is not None:
from mrdna.model.dna_sequence import read_sequence_file
seq = read_sequence_file(args.sequence_file)
model.set_sequence( seq )
if args.output_prefix is not None:
prefix = args.output_prefix
......@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@ from .arbdmodel.nonbonded import *
from copy import copy, deepcopy
from .model.nbPot import nbDnaScheme
import re
from scipy.special import erf
import scipy.optimize as opt
from scipy import interpolate
......@@ -2027,6 +2029,64 @@ class SegmentModel(ArbdModel):
tck, u = interpolate.splprep( quats.T, u=contours, s=0, k=1 )
s.quaternion_spline_params = (tck,u)
def get_segments_matching(self, pattern):
""" Returns a list of all segments that match the regular expression 'pattern' """
re_pattern = re.compile(pattern)
return [s for s in self.segments if is not None]
def get_crossovers_at_ends(self):
Return a list of all "regular" crossovers where both sides of
the crossover exist at the start or end of a segment
ret_list = []
for s in self.segments:
for c in filter(lambda c: c.type_ == "crossover", s.connections):
seg1 = c.A.container
seg2 = c.B.container
nt1 = c.A.get_nt_pos()
nt2 = c.B.get_nt_pos()
if (nt1 < 1 and nt2 > seg2.num_nt-2) or (nt2 < 1 and nt1 > seg1.num_nt-2):
if c not in ret_list:
return ret_list
def convert_crossover_to_intrahelical(self, crossover):
c = crossover
seg1 = c.A.container
seg2 = c.B.container
nt1 = c.A.get_nt_pos()
nt2 = c.B.get_nt_pos()
assert( c.A.on_fwd_strand == c.B.on_fwd_strand )
on_fwd_strand = c.A.on_fwd_strand
if nt1 < 1 and nt2 > seg2.num_nt-2:
if on_fwd_strand:
elif nt2 < 1 and nt1 > seg1.num_nt-2:
if on_fwd_strand:
def convert_crossovers_at_ends_beyond_cutoff_to_intrahelical(self,cutoff):
if cutoff < 0:
raise ValueError("Cutoff should be positive!")
for c in self.get_crossovers_at_ends():
r1,r2 = [l.container.contour_to_position(l.address)
for l in (c.A,c.B)]
if np.linalg.norm(r2-r1) > cutoff:
def _generate_bead_model(self,
max_basepairs_per_bead = 7,
max_nucleotides_per_bead = 4,
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