Commit 12f4edb6 authored by cmaffeo2's avatar cmaffeo2
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Made spring constant for twist between adjacent crossovers draw from a series of "springs":

a) some intrinsic flexibility associated with the first crossover
b) the spring for the twist of the helix
c) intrinsic flexibility associated with the second crossover
parent 62826908
......@@ -2719,9 +2719,11 @@ class SegmentModel(ArbdModel):
k = opt.leastsq( fitFun, x0=np.exp(-sep/Lp) )
return k[0][0] * 2*kT*0.00030461742
k = get_spring( max(sep,2) )
k = get_spring( max(sep,1) )
k = (1/k + 2/k_xover_angle(sep=1))**-1
t0 = sep*s1.twist_per_nt # TODO weighted avg between s1 and s2
# pdb.set_trace()
if A1.on_fwd_strand: t0 -= 120
if dir1 != dir2:
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