Commit 129fc680 authored by cmaffeo2's avatar cmaffeo2
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Updated crossover potentials

parent 0d3cc3e8
......@@ -1913,12 +1913,12 @@ class SegmentModel(ArbdModel):
crossover_bead_pots = set()
for c,A,B in self.get_connections("crossover"):
b1,b2 = [loc.particle for loc in (c.A,c.B)]
b1,b2 = [loc.particle for loc in (A,B)]
## Avoid double-counting
if (b1,b2) in crossover_bead_pots: continue
if (b1,b2,A.on_fwd_strand,B.on_fwd_strand) in crossover_bead_pots: continue
pot = self.get_bond_potential(4,18.5)
self.add_bond(b1,b2, pot)
......@@ -1994,6 +1994,7 @@ class SegmentModel(ArbdModel):
## TODOTODO check that this works
for crossovers in self.get_consecutive_crossovers():
if local_twist: break
## filter crossovers
new_cl = []
lastParticle = None
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