Commit 04cbde91 authored by Will Kaufhold's avatar Will Kaufhold Committed by cmaffeo2
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Fix from Will Kaufhold to add_nick routine when on_fwd_strand==False

parent f9d7ee2b
...@@ -744,8 +744,13 @@ class Segment(ConnectableElement, Group): ...@@ -744,8 +744,13 @@ class Segment(ConnectableElement, Group):
## TODO? Replace with abstract strand-based model? ## TODO? Replace with abstract strand-based model?
def add_nick(self, nt, on_fwd_strand=True): def add_nick(self, nt, on_fwd_strand=True):
self.add_3prime(nt,on_fwd_strand) if on_fwd_strand:
self.add_5prime(nt+1,on_fwd_strand) self.add_3prime(nt,on_fwd_strand)
def add_5prime(self, nt, on_fwd_strand=True): def add_5prime(self, nt, on_fwd_strand=True):
if isinstance(self,SingleStrandedSegment): if isinstance(self,SingleStrandedSegment):
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