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Removed AnalyzeEvent with TVirtualPad* and removed OverlayHistos.

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......@@ -127,54 +127,6 @@ void WFAnalysis::AnalyzeEvent( const std::vector< Channel* > vCh ){
* @brief Analyze Event method for WF analysis
* @param vCh A vector of pointers to Channel objects
* @param pad Pointer to a pad to be drawn to
* Receives a const vector of Channels. Loops over all Channels within
* the vector for analysis. Also receives a pointer to a TVirtualPad for graphical output
* Example of how to retrieve raw data and associated histograms are provided
void WFAnalysis::AnalyzeEvent( std::vector<Channel*> vCh, TVirtualPad* pad ){
int ch = 0;
int dWindow = 50;
bool debug = true;
for( unsigned int ch = 0; ch < vCh.size(); ch++ ){
//retrieving information for each channel as a histogram
TH1D* h =>WF_histo;
TH1D* hDiff =>FirstDerivative;
//retrieve information as a vector of floats
std::vector < float > chEntries =>WF;
GetDifferential( h, hDiff, dWindow );>FirstDerivativeRMS = GetRMS( hDiff, debug );
float dScale =>FirstDerivative->GetMaximum();
OverlayHistos( h, hDiff, pad, debug);
//Determine scale for the RMS line
float sRMS = 3.5*>FirstDerivativeRMS*h->GetMaximum()/dScale;
//Draw two horizontal lines showing the RMS thresholds
TLine lineLow (0, -sRMS, h->GetNbinsX(), -sRMS );
TLine lineHigh(0, sRMS, h->GetNbinsX(), sRMS );
lineLow.SetLineColor ( kGreen );
lineHigh.SetLineColor( kGreen );
lineLow.DrawClone( );
lineHigh.DrawClone( );
/** @brief GetDifferential method for WFAnalysis
* @param hIN Histogram to be differentiated
* @param hOUT Output histogram
......@@ -253,47 +205,6 @@ double WFAnalysis::GetRMS( TH1D *h , int diff_window, bool debug){
/** @brief OverlayHistos method for WFAnalysis
* @param h1 Base histogram (left y-axis)
* @param h2 Overlayed histogram (right y-axis)
* @param pad Address of a pad (TPad or TCanvas) to be drawn on
* @param debug Saves the result of the overlay if true
* Plots two input histograms on the same, specified pad with
* separate axis. Saves the plots as PDFs with the name of the
* base histogram if debug is set to true
void WFAnalysis::OverlayHistos( TH1D *h1, TH1D *h2 , TVirtualPad* pad, bool debug){
// If there is no pad or no data in the histograms, return
if( pad == nullptr ) {std::cerr<< "WARNING: No pad to overlay histos onto" << std::endl; return;}
if( !h1->GetMinimum() && !h1->GetMaximum()) {std::cerr << "WARNING: "<< h1->GetTitle() << " is empty. Can't overlay" << std::endl; return;}
//Remove Stat box and double the y-axis range to include negative values
gStyle->SetOptStat( kFALSE );
h1->SetAxisRange( -h1->GetMaximum()*1.1, h1->GetMaximum()*1.1, "Y");
//scale h2 to the pad coordinates
float rightmax = 1.1*h2->GetMaximum();
float scale = gPad->GetUymax()/rightmax;
h2->SetLineColor( kRed );
h2->Scale( scale );
h2->DrawCopy( "same" );
//draw an axis on the right side
TGaxis axis( gPad->GetUxmax(), gPad->GetUymin(), gPad->GetUxmax(), gPad->GetUymax(), -rightmax, rightmax, 510, "+L");
axis.SetLineColor( kRed );
axis.SetLabelColor( kRed );
//Rescale h2 back to the original size
h2->Scale( 1/scale );
if( debug ) pad->Print( Form( "%s_Overlay.pdf", h1->GetTitle() ) ) ;
/** @brief Finalize method for WFAnalysis
* @return none
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