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Update with basic MonteCarlo instructions

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......@@ -49,6 +49,20 @@ Two main classes are provided at the moment:
They are well commented by Yakov for each available method.
A doxygen documentation can also be created following the instruction below.
#### Monte Carlo ####
Monte Carlo folder added on 12/19/2018.
What's there at the moment is exactly what has been done so far by Mike Phipps (
The only modifications implemented were to ensure the compatibility with newer Geant4 versions (>= 10.4.3).
Such changes have been implemented in order to allow also for backward compatibility with older Geant4 versions.
Please note that MonteCarlo support is *DISABLED* by default. This choice is meant to avoid people not interested in MC to install Geant4 and the other dependencies.
In order to enable it, add the option
while cmaking. Please note that you need the Geant4 toolkit (and the corresponding dependencies) to successfully enable the MC support.
More details will come in the future.
#### Doxygen documentation ####
First, check that doxygen is installed on your machine.
If it's not the case, just check it out using
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