Commit 1561c7e7 authored by Chad Lantz's avatar Chad Lantz
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Corrected nPhotons calculation

parent 76e85140
......@@ -207,7 +207,7 @@ void WFAnalysis::AnalyzeEvent( const std::vector< Channel* > vCh ){
for(int hit = 0; hit < Ch->nHits; hit++){
Ch->Charge.push_back( GetCharge( Ch, Ch->hit_window.first[hit], Ch->hit_window.second[hit] ) );
Ch->nPhotons.push_back( -Ch->Charge.back()*6.241e6/Ch->gain ); //6.241e6 is electrons per pC
Ch->nPhotons.push_back( -Ch->Charge.back()/(1.60218e-7*Ch->gain) ); //1.60218e-7 is pC per electron
//Get peak information from the waveform using the hit window
Ch->Peak_center.push_back( GetMaximumBin( hProcessed, Ch->hit_window.first[hit], Ch->hit_window.second[hit] ) );
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