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Remove unecessary Unit directory

parent 56b6b9d9
# -*- Python -*-
# Configuration file for the 'lit' test runner.
import os
import subprocess
import lit.formats
# name: The name of this test suite. = 'LLVM-Unit'
# suffixes: A list of file extensions to treat as test files.
config.suffixes = []
# is_early; Request to run this suite early.
config.is_early = True
# test_source_root: The root path where tests are located.
# test_exec_root: The root path where tests should be run.
config.test_exec_root = os.path.join(config.llvm_obj_root, 'unittests')
config.test_source_root = config.test_exec_root
# testFormat: The test format to use to interpret tests.
config.test_format = lit.formats.GoogleTest(config.llvm_build_mode, 'Tests')
# Propagate the temp directory. Windows requires this because it uses \Windows\
# if none of these are present.
if 'TMP' in os.environ:
config.environment['TMP'] = os.environ['TMP']
if 'TEMP' in os.environ:
config.environment['TEMP'] = os.environ['TEMP']
# Propagate HOME as it can be used to override incorrect homedir in passwd
# that causes the tests to fail.
if 'HOME' in os.environ:
config.environment['HOME'] = os.environ['HOME']
# Propagate path to symbolizer for ASan/MSan.
if symbolizer in os.environ:
config.environment[symbolizer] = os.environ[symbolizer]
# Win32 seeks DLLs along %PATH%.
if sys.platform in ['win32', 'cygwin'] and os.path.isdir(config.shlibdir):
config.environment['PATH'] = os.path.pathsep.join((
config.shlibdir, config.environment['PATH']))
# Win32 may use %SYSTEMDRIVE% during file system shell operations, so propogate.
if sys.platform == 'win32' and 'SYSTEMDRIVE' in os.environ:
config.environment['SYSTEMDRIVE'] = os.environ['SYSTEMDRIVE']
import sys
config.llvm_src_root = "@LLVM_SOURCE_DIR@"
config.llvm_obj_root = "@LLVM_BINARY_DIR@"
config.llvm_tools_dir = "@LLVM_TOOLS_DIR@"
config.llvm_build_mode = "@LLVM_BUILD_MODE@"
config.enable_shared = @ENABLE_SHARED@
config.shlibdir = "@SHLIBDIR@"
# Support substitution of the tools_dir and build_mode with user parameters.
# This is used when we can't determine the tool dir at configuration time.
config.llvm_tools_dir = config.llvm_tools_dir % lit_config.params
config.llvm_build_mode = config.llvm_build_mode % lit_config.params
except KeyError:
e = sys.exc_info()[1]
key, = e.args
lit_config.fatal("unable to find %r parameter, use '--param=%s=VALUE'" % (key,key))
# Let the main config do the real work.
lit_config.load_config(config, "@LLVM_SOURCE_DIR@/test/Unit/")
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