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## hpvm-config -- Print HPVM compilation options
### Synopsis
hpvm-config option [components…]
### Description
hpvm-config print the compiler flags, linker flags and object libraries needed to link against HPVM.
In addtion to printing flags printed by [llvm-config](, hpvm-config also prints HPVM version and compiler
flags required to compile HPVM programs.
### Options
Print the version number of HPVM.
Print a summary of llvm-config arguments.
Print the installation prefix for HPVM.
Print the source root from which HPVM was built.
Print the object root used to build HPVM.
Print the installation directory for HPVM binaries.
Print the installation directory for LLVM headers.
Print the installation directory for LLVM libraries.
Print the C++ compiler flags needed to use LLVM headers.
Print the flags needed to link against LLVM libraries.
Print all the libraries needed to link against the specified LLVM components, including any dependencies.
Similar to –libs, but prints the bare filenames of the libraries without -l or pathnames. Useful for linking against a not-yet-installed copy of LLVM.
Similar to –libs, but print the full path to each library file. This is useful when creating makefile dependencies, to ensure that a tool is relinked if any library it uses changes.
Print all valid component names.
Print the component names for all targets supported by this copy of LLVM.
Print the build mode used when LLVM was built (e.g. Debug or Release)
### Exit Status
If hpvm-config succeeds, it will exit with 0. Otherwise, if an error occurs, it will exit with a non-zero value.
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