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select from (select as phone, a.address_id as address_id from (select c.address_id as address_id from rental as r join customer as c on r.customer_id = c.customer_id and r.staff_id = 1) as first join address as a on first.address_id = a.address_id and a.city_id > 100) as second join address on second.address_id = address.address_id;
dropdb dvdrental
createdb dvdrental
pg_restore -U joker -d dvdrental /home/joker/sql-provenance/provsql/scripts
psql dvdrental < ../config/setup.sql
psql dvdrental < ../config/func.sql
git pull
python3 ../src/ -q ../config/ -o dvdrental_output.txt ../config/dvdrental_config.txt
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