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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<UIpp Title="EngrIT Imaging" Color="#E84A27" DialogIcons="False" Flat="False">
Config authored by Matt Seng (mseng3) of Engineering IT
- initial
- Added EngrIT_UIPPRan variable for identifying failures from Slack msg
- Commented out EngrIT_Matlab, because it's regularly failing during OSD
- Changed Win10x64 choice to Win10x64-1709 and added Win10x64-1803, as default
- Updated UI++ from to
- Commented out InputInfo lines about bugged text color, as this is fixed in
- Re-enabled Matlab to test if OSD installation problems are solved with Matlab 2018b.
- Nope.
- Added OS choice Win10-x64-1809, as default
- ChoiceInput Default attribute not being respected.
- Thread open on forums:
- Added partition type override
- Added checkbox to allow for skipping installation of "Basic" apps. Checked by default.
- Reneabling Matlab checkbox again to see if 2019a fixes the OSD installation issue
- Added Crowdstrike variable with checkbox with a default value of True so that it shows up at the beginning of the ts as checked
<Action Type="Input" Name="EngrIT_InputWindow1" Title="OS options" ShowBack="True" Size="Tall">
<!-- List is now populated via TS variables
<ChoiceInput Variable="EngrIT_OS" Question="Select OS" Required="True" Default="Win10x64-1803">
<Choice Option="Windows 10 1809 (x64)" Value="Win10x64-1809" />
<Choice Option="Windows 10 1803 (x64)" Value="Win10x64-1803" />
<Choice Option="Windows 7 (x64)" Value="Win7x64" />
<ChoiceInput Variable="EngrIT_OS" Question="Select OS" Required="True" Default="%EngrIT_OS%">
<ChoiceList OptionList="%EngrIT_OSList%" AlternateValueList="%EngrIT_OSListAlt%" />
<ChoiceInput Variable="EngrIT_PartitionType" Question="%EngrIT_BootTypeDetected% boot detected. Using %EngrIT_PartitionType% partitioning. Override?" Required="True" Default="%EngrIT_PartitionType%">
<ChoiceList OptionList="%EngrIT_PartitionTypeList%" AlternateValueList="%EngrIT_PartitionTypeListAlt%" />
<TextInput Question="Computer Name (<= 15 characters)" Prompt="e.g. csl-264-01" Hint="Please use <= 15 characters" Variable="EngrIT_ComputerName" Required="True" />
<TextInput Question="NetID(s) to give local admin (space-delimited, no quotes)" Prompt="e.g. mseng3 jdmac colwell3" Hint="Enter a space-delimited list of NetIDs to be given local admin" Variable="EngrIT_AdminNetID" Required="False" />
<Action Type="Input" Name="EngrIT_InputWindow2" Title="Software options" ShowBack="True" Size="Tall">
<CheckboxInput Variable="EngrIT_Office" Question="Office" CheckedValue="True" UncheckedValue="False" Default="True"/>
<CheckboxInput Variable="EngrIT_BasicApps" Question="Basic apps (Adobe, Chome, FF, etc.)" CheckedValue="True" UncheckedValue="False" Default="True"/>
<CheckboxInput Variable="EngrIT_Crowdstrike" Question="Crowdstrike" CheckedValue="True" UncheckedValue="False" Default="True"/>
<CheckboxInput Variable="EngrIT_Autocad" Question="Autocad" CheckedValue="True" UncheckedValue="False" Default="False"/>
<CheckboxInput Variable="EngrIT_Mathematica" Question="Mathematica" CheckedValue="True" UncheckedValue="False" Default="False"/>
<CheckboxInput Variable="EngrIT_Matlab" Question="Matlab" CheckedValue="True" UncheckedValue="False" Default="False"/>
<CheckboxInput Variable="EngrIT_Origin" Question="Origin" CheckedValue="True" UncheckedValue="False" Default="False"/>
<!-- Fixed as of UI++ v2.11.0.1
<InputInfo Color="#000000" NumberofLines="2">\r\nNote: Colored text has no meaning. It's a visual bug.</InputInfo>
<Action Type="TSVar" Name="EngrIT_UIPPRan">succeeded</Action>
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