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creating a new ui++ config file for windows 10 2004 testing

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<UIpp Title="EngrIT Imaging" Color="#ffffff" DialogIcons="False" Flat="True">
<!-- Config authored by Matt Seng (mseng3) of Engineering IT -->
<!-- Config modified by James Han (han44) of Engineering IT for USR task sequences-->
<Action Type="Input" Name="EngrIT_InputWindow1" Title="OS options" ShowBack="True" Size="Tall">
<ChoiceInput Variable="EngrIT_OS" Question="Select OS" Required="True" Default="1909">
<Choice Option="Windows 10 1909 (x64)" Value="1909" />
<Choice Option="Windows 10 1903 (x64)" Value="1903" />
<Choice Option="Windows 7 (x64)" Value="Win7x64" />
<Choice Option="Windows 10 (x64) LTSC" Value="LTSC" />
<Choice Option="Windows 10 (x64) LTSB 2016" Value="LTSB2016" />
<TextInput Question="Computer Name (<= 15 characters)" Prompt="e.g. csl-264-01" Hint="Please use <= 15 characters" Variable="EngrIT_ComputerName" Required="True" />
<InputInfo Color="#000000" NumberofLines="2">Note: Windows 7 does not work with UEFI</InputInfo>
<CheckboxInput Variable="EngrIT_Clean" Question="OS Only (No Applications)"
CheckedValue="True" UncheckedValue="False" Default="False"/>
<InputInfo Color="#000000" NumberofLines="2">Note: Selecting this option will Install Windows\r\nand SCCM Agent ONLY</InputInfo>
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