Commit e9cbc62d authored by cmaffeo2's avatar cmaffeo2
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Added ability to apply a grid potential to just some particles

parent ca0cda9b
......@@ -3529,27 +3529,42 @@ proc calcforces {} {
dx = dy = dz = max((dx,dy,dz))
return np.array([dx,dy,dz])
def add_grid_potential(self, grid_file, scale=1, per_nucleotide=True):
def add_grid_potential(self, grid_file, scale=1, per_nucleotide=True, filter_fn=None):
grid_file = Path(grid_file)
if not grid_file.is_file():
raise ValueError("Grid file {} does not exist".format(grid_file))
if not grid_file.is_absolute():
grid_file = Path.cwd() / grid_file
self.grid_potentials.append((grid_file,scale,per_nucleotide, filter_fn))
def _apply_grid_potentials_to_beads(self, bead_type_dict):
def _apply_grid_potentials_to_beads(self, bead_type_dict ):
if len(self.grid_potentials) > 1:
raise NotImplementedError("Multiple grid potentials are not yet supported")
for grid_file, scale, per_nucleotide in self.grid_potentials:
for key,particle_type in bead_type_dict.items():
if[0] == "O": continue
def add_grid_to_type(particle_type):
if[0] == "O": return
s = scale*particle_type.nts if per_nucleotide else scale
particle_type.grid = particle_type.grid + (grid_file, s)
particle_type.grid = tuple((grid_file, s))
for grid_file, scale, per_nucleotide, filter_fn in self.grid_potentials:
if filter_fn is None:
for key,particle_type in bead_type_dict.items():
grid_types = dict()
for b in filter(filter_fn, sum([seg.beads for seg in self.segments],[])):
t = b.type_
if[0] == "O": continue
if t not in grid_types:
new_type = ParticleType('G',charge=t.charge, parent=t)
grid_types[t] = new_type
b.type_ = grid_types[t]
def _generate_atomic_model(self, scale=1):
## TODO: deprecate
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