Commit 91b7e700 authored by cmaffeo2's avatar cmaffeo2
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Fix --crossover-to--intrahelical-cutoff option to mrdna script broken in...

Fix --crossover-to--intrahelical-cutoff option to mrdna script broken in commit af4b5e33; thanks to Elija Feigl for catching the error
parent 27345113
......@@ -2400,7 +2400,7 @@ class SegmentModel(ArbdModel):
def convert_crossovers_at_ends_beyond_cutoff_to_intrahelical(self,cutoff):
if cutoff < 0:
raise ValueError("Cutoff should be positive!")
return convert_crossovers_to_intrahelical(
return self.convert_crossovers_to_intrahelical(
position_filter = lambda r1,r2: np.linalg.norm(r2-r1) > cutoff,
terminal_only = True)
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