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......@@ -5,20 +5,16 @@ Basic structure defined and discussed during the Thursday meeting on 12/13/2018
     MC (to be implemented)
     2018_Utils (to be added)
     2018_Utils (empty for the moment)
The project is cmake based, so you need a reasonably new cmake version ( version > 2.8 )
The standalone Analysis part requires only a root installation (
The MC part will be conditional since it requires additional software as Geant4 and all its dependencies
The corresponding README part will be written once MC will be included.
The 2018_Utils folder will be meant to contain useful files for 2018 test beam analysis (e.g. Summary of various scans etc)
#### CMake and installation ####
......@@ -51,12 +47,19 @@ Two main classes are provided at the moment:
- DataReader
- WFAnalysis (inherits from Analysis.h)
They are well commented by Yakov for each available method.
A doxygen documentation can also be created following the instruction below
A doxygen documentation can also be created following the instruction below.
#### Doxygen documentation ####
First, check that doxygen is installed on your machine.
If it's not the case, just check it out using
By default a folder "doxygen" will also be installed in your JCaPA_INSTALL folder.
To obtain the documentation, just execute
doxygen JCaPA_doxy.cnf
This will generate for you $JCaPA/html and $JCaPA/latex folder.
If you start $JCaPA/html/index.html with your browser, you will get your doxygen docs (surfable).
Alternatively, you can compile the latex static documentation in $JCaPA/latex
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