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Update ui++_config_v13.xml

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......@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@
<!-- Config modified by James Han (han44) of Engineering IT for USR task sequences-->
<Action Type="Input" Name="EngrIT_InputWindow1" Title="OS options" ShowBack="True" Size="Tall">
<ChoiceInput Variable="EngrIT_OS" Question="Select OS" Required="True" Default="20H2">
<Choice Option="Windows 11 21H2 (x64)" Value="21H2" />
<ChoiceInput Variable="EngrIT_OS" Question="Select OS" Required="True" Default="21H2">
<Choice Option="Windows 11 21H2 (x64)" Value="21H2_11" />
<Choice Option="Windows 10 21H2 (x64)" Value="21H2" />
<Choice Option="Windows 7 (x64)" Value="Win7x64" />
<Choice Option="Windows 10 (x64) LTSC" Value="LTSC" />
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